Crystal Ravenwolf

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Born This Way......

     As an 8th generation Tarot Reader, Crystal Ravenwolf has been working with "Spirit" her whole life. With her Pagan mother and Cherokee father, she was encouraged to work on her natural gifts from a very young age and has used these teachings for over 25 years helping people on their earthwalk. From Shamanic journies to collect lost soul pieces to helping connect to a loved one who has passed, Crystal helps her clients heal with her caring and insightful guidance.

   With her vast spiritual knowledge and upbeat personality, Crystal has fast become a favored lecturer in the "cosmic" community. Her colorful approach in delivering information has tantalized audiances all over America and won her the nickname "Sparkle Plenty". You can attend one of Crystal's lectures the second Sat of every month at the Cosmic Corral in beautiful downtown Hanford, CA. If you want to host Crystal in your town, visit her contact page for details. 


     To me spirituality isn't to be mourned but celebrated! It isn't necessary to be so serious when teaching about Tarot or Spirit Guides. My world sparkles and I love watching the faces of the crowd light up and smile when they hear something that resonates with them! It truly is a blessing! 






Crystal Ravenwolf

   photo's taken by the one and only Maharet Hughes of GraphicVibe LA