Sacred Shields

My name is Lady Crystal Ravenwolf and this is my name shield. It took a while trying to think of how to show myself to you through imagery. But I am happy with the results as this is who I am. Shapeshifter, Shaman, Witch. The full moon represents my Goddess in all her glory. She is my Mother whom birthed me and whom I shall return to when my time in this incarnation is over. The Raven is my teacher, whom teaches me the gift of healing. Raven brings me knowledge from the darkness and through this helps me to see the light. The Wolf is Takaya who has been my guardian since I was a little girl. My love for him is too hard to put into words. He is my guardian, my alpha, my beloved friend.

"Hear me child and know Me for who I am. I have been with you since you were born and I will stay with you until you return to Me at the final dusk." Passage from the Charge of the Dark Goddess

This is my akasha shield. It represents my Divine whom I choose to call the Lady and Lord. My patron goddess is Hecate and my patron God is Herne. She is a triple Goddess,"Maiden, Mother, and Crone".She comes to me in whatever aspect I need in her the most. She shows me what I refuse to see. Not always gentle, but always loving! She teaches me about self responsibility and that we are all connected so to harm others, I am harming myself. He is Lord of the Hunt! The great Oak King! He wears the horns of the stag and teaches me balance and grounding. He teaches me lessons in loyalty and commentment. He teaches me to trust myself. Together they are the Sun and the Moon, The sky and the Earth. When it rains, He is nurishing Her. And when the wind blows through the trees, He is carressing Her lovingly. What a beautiful gift to have in my life! I am truly grateful! Blessed Be!


Rulled by Paralda, a tenuous figure composed of blue mist, these beautiful, graceful, dancing sylphs are the most difficult Elementals to contact because they are so shy. They are as elusive as the butterfly for which they are named. The Greek word "sylph" means butterfly. If you communicate with these diaphanous, supple bodies, they will teach you about astral-travel, clairvoyance, and the mysteries of the dance. Their energy is used to heal the neck and chest areas, and specifically, the lungs.


Often known as nymphs, mermaids, or mermen, the conciousnesses called Undines are representative of the watery realms. They are ruled by Niksa, whose flowing, aquamarine form constantly changes shape. The word "undine" originates in the Latin term for wave, "unda". Because they attune to our uncouncious minds, Undines can exert a mesmerizing power over human beings, causing us to become entranced by their beauty. They can help you in matters of love, and are able to find treasures or people lost at sea. You also can raise a storm at sea by channeling their energy. The Undines can help cure blood diseases and urinary tract infections, or any illness which affects the liquids in our bodies.


The Gnomes, whose name hails from the Greek word for knowledge "gnoma", are known in folklore as elves, trolls, or the little people. They are the elemental spirits whom we of the Earth are most likely to contact. They are amicable to humans, and thus, the least difficult to manipulate. Their ruler Ghob, a squat, heavy being who presides over these quardians of such treasures of the Earth as gems and sacred stones. You may wish to call upon the Gnomes when you perform Earth magick, or when you prepare herbal remedies or magickal oils. One word of caution: because the Gnomes are relatively easy to work with, some Witches rely too heavely upon them. Such practice leads to overendulgence which can be fatal to your own magickal developement.


The Salamanders are fiery and unpredictable creatures with humanoid bodies and elongated necks. Their movements remind you of passionate Flamenco dancing. They are useful for drawing energy to a ritual, for they galvanize things into action. They can be helpful in alchemy, raising thunderstorms, and cureing brain diseases. But they are jealous of mortals, and can cause mischief or even wreak havoc if you are not careful. Their ruler is DJinn, the fire giant with slanted eyes.


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